Our Cessnock store provides full Pawnbroking Services where you can bring in your goods and obtain a loan against a percentage of their value.

* We charge a competitive monthly percentage and loans can be taken over a maximum of 3 months and there is no minimum term
* We are flexible enough for you to pay interest along the way or wait until the end and redeem your goods in full
* If you get to the end of the 3 month term and cannot afford the full amount you can pay 1 months interest and extend the loan by another month
* We have no minimum or maximum amounts lent...it will depend solely on the items value
* You will require one of the following as a primary ID , along with 2 other forms of recognized identification to obtain a loan :

       * Photo Drivers License (current not expired)
       * RTA issued Photo Card (current not expired)
       * Passport (current not expired)
       * Birth Certificate along with another form of Photo ID 

No information regarding anything to do with your loan including expiry dates or amounts owed will be provided over the phone or email.

The Photo ID used at the loan commencement will need to be produced to Redeem the loan, Pay interest, or obtain other information about your loan.

We loan against the following, as well as many other items (all items must be in good condition with no damage, and all electronic devices must have chargers and/or power cords

Mobile Phones
Quality Watches
Gold Coins or Bullion
Power Tools
Electronics such as TV's and Sound Systems
iPads & Tablets
Fishing Gear
Gaming Consoles ( we will NOT lend against JUST games..but will lend on games accompanied by a console)
Sporting Memorabilia ( only with Certificates of Authenticity COA)

We look forward to seeing you in store. Servicing Newcastle & Hunter Valley Areas.

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